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Supply Chain Control

Gain control from production until consumer consumption

Principal Production


The company has a focus on cooperation with the brand owner and/or factory directly in order to be able to provide the best total package for all suppliers and customers involved.

Principal Cooperation

  • Wide experience in several product categories; from food to electronics.

  • Transparency on end-market and ship-to addresses. 

  • MIS and pre-market entry information.

  • Quality and Legitimacy insurance.

  • Exclusive and/or authorised partner for appointed territories.

Production Forecasting

  • Forecasting up till 12 months.

  • Experienced with both BBD and non-expiry goods.

  • New and re-design forecasting.

Warehousing, Logistics and Customs

Key in making the cooperation a success is the experience in warehousing, logistics and customs proceedings provided by the company's authorised 3PL and in-house logistics at the markets of destination.



  • Regular and Temperature controlled warehousing.

  • Bonded, Excise and Customs Approved warehousing.

  • Warehouse cooperation on three continents.

Logistics Solutions

  • In-house consolidation and repacking solutions.

  • LCL and FCL shipment preparation for air, sea and/or road transport.

  • Port-to-Port and transit shipment preparations.

  • Customs and Trade Agreement Solutions in country of Origin and Country of final Destination.

Customs Proceedings

  • Application of required documents including EX-A, EUR1 and COO.

  • Compliance to bonded and excise goods regulations.

  • Documents approval in cooperation with principal and/or authorised channeled partner.

  • Online and up-to-date submission and tracking of submitted paperwork.

Value Adding Solutions

​The company is providing a wide range of value adding solutions for both the principal and customer and the country of destination involved, which include solutions as:

  • ​Product Sanitary Registration assistance.

  • Certification from required Chamber of Commerce and/or Food and Health Authorities.

  • Marketing and POS support.

  • Sampling and Hand-out opportunities for brand development.

  • Value Added Services including Translation and Labeling.

  • Escrow Payment and (Third/In-house) Party Inspection.

End Market Exercises

MENWA is exercising its end-market activities before and after product implementation.

A quick review of activities listed below.

Market Analysis

  • SWOT Analysis.

  • Demographics and Segmentation.

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment.

  • Regulations.

  • Barriers to Entry.

  • Market Value and Potential Analysis.


  • ​Sales Analysis (periodically).

  • Customer Support and Returns Handling.

  • Collaborative and Strategic CRM Approach.

  • Location Based Services.

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