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(Duty Free) Distribution in Pan America and Caribbean


South America is experienced to be an emerging market where the company has created a solid presence for the sales, distribution and brand development for A-branded FMCG in the range of Personal Care, Confectionery and Beverages in cooperation with A Branded manufacturers.

The demand for quality products is being met via the export and distribution of well known brands from Europe and North America.

Covering an established and growing client base with:

  • Super- and Hypermarkets

  • Deli and Gourmet Stores

  • Corner and Ethnic Stores

  • Duty Free Stores

  • Embassies and Diplomatic Stores

Providing experienced assistance for both domestic and duty free operations such as:

  • In-house consolidation solutions.

  • LCL and FCL shipments by Air, Sea or Road.

  • DG Cargo and Refrigerated Cargo handling.

  • Port-to-Port and Transit shipments.

  • Product Sanitary Registration assistance.

  • Marketing and POS support.

  • Value Added Services including Translation and Labeling.

Due to the focus on sustainable growth, the company is always eager to explore new domestic markets in South America together with all parties involved for a long-term business operations.


MENWA provides besides the Duty Free segment also Domestic sales and distribution solutions for A branded FMCG.

Since 2017, the company has expanded its focus and reach into the Caribbean territories In cooperation with a wide variety of principals, MENWA has established wide retail coverages throughout the Caribbean territories.

Covering an established and growing client base with local:

  • Super- and Hypermarkets

  • Deli and Gourmet Stores

  • Corner and Ethnic Stores

  • Sea Port Stores

  • Embassies and Diplomatic Stores

The company is currently covering several countries in the Caribbean.

In cooperation with the principals and partners involved, further reach is being created via sub-distribution agreements with a trusted portfolio of partners.

In line with the company's focus, MENWA is eager to provide quality products to domestic and duty free niche markets with a focus on sustainable growth and long-term business development.

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